Saturday 31 January 2015

Area Pastor Looking To ‘Take Back The Streets’ Of Brookshire From Drug Dealers And Prostitutes

One area pastor said drug and prostitution problems are taking over the streets of Brookshire, and he has a plan to “take back the streets for good, decent people who are scared to come out of their houses after dark.”


Pastor Mike B. Nolan addressed last week’s Brookshire City Council meeting and told them he wanted their support in holding a “Taking Back the Streets of Brookshire” march this Saturday.


Nolan said the idea of the march came after he learned many residents actually fear leaving their homes after dark or letting their children play outside because of drug sales and prostitutes on the streets.


His awareness of the problem began several weeks ago when he drove a parishioner home. As he was leaving, Nolan was approached by a man on a bicycle soliciting money.


“He told me he needed $5 for drugs,” Nolan recalled. “He told me I could have his mother for $5. He also said he would have sexual contact with men for the $5.”


Nolan said he took the man home and told his mother about the encounter.


“His mother started crying,” Nolan said.


That led Nolan to investigate the drug issue further, including driving around Brookshire late at night to get an idea of the scope of the problem.


He said he learned that mothers are afraid to allow their children play outside or go to area parks and many residents fear venturing out after dark for fear of drug dealers and prostitutes. Police are hampered because residents fear retaliation if they report the problems.


“We have a problem in Brookshire,” Nolan told the council.


Nolan said he “had a dream about Brookshire” and that was when the idea of the march came to him.


“I saw (Brookshire) in the state that it is in and I saw it the state it could be. Citizens will no longer be scared to come outside,” he said. “Drugs and prostitution are the problems. We just want to help.”


Nolan said he wants to lead a march this Saturday, Nov. 14, beginning at 5 p.m. to send a message to drug dealers and prostitutes that the community wants to “take the streets back” for respectable residents. He also asked the police department to lead the marchers.


“We are going to ask all the pastors from the ministerial alliance to walk and pray with the marchers. Together, we can run the devil out,” Nolan said. “It’s a demonic problem. If we don’t all attack it for what it is, we’re going to lose.”


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